Windows XP Tips While Using Asus Transformer Pad tf300t Specs

Asus Transformer Pad tf300t Specs

On November 20, 1985, Microsoft debuted on the market with Windows 1.0. Microsoft Windows is a software operating system and graphic user interface.

Since 1985 the big Microsoft Company developed a lot of Windows series with better features than the other. Starting with Windows 1.0 and ending with Windows 7, Microsoft has become one of the biggest software companies in the world.

The most acknowledged Microsoft Windows systems are Windows ’95, released in August 1995. Windows’98 introduced on the market in June 1998, Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition is also known as Windows Me. But the best operating system is Windows ME’s successor of Windows XP.

Although it was released in 2001, just a handful of people know all or almost all Windows XP’s tips and tricks. These tips and skill can make Windows XP easier to use.

Some websites decided to reveal five of these tips for all Windows XP users. One of them is teaching you how to make an Admin account on the Windows “Welcome Screen” and also other username accounts. To create an account, all users have to be logged off. After that, you have to press simultaneously “CTRL-ALT-DEL” two times, and then you can get logged in as an administrator.

So it is always advisable to learn the basics of everything first, and same go for tips before trying any technical ones. Just stop being ignorant and do not tackle every error that appears on your system by OKAY and CANCEL only. The ignorance can lead you destruction and can cause you monetary as well as data loss regarding your personal computer. Though computer appears to be intricate, all you need is to follow instructions and handle it with care, and you can keep enjoying its benefits for a longer time.

Another useful tip is how to log in to your computer in case you’ve forgotten your password. It is called “Password Reset Disk.” For creating this password, you have to click the Start Menu button, then click Control Panel and after that click the User Account button. Click on your username account. There you’ll find Related Tasks and “Prevent a forgotten password” buttons among other things. Click on “Prevent a forgotten password,” and you’ll find all the directions you need to make a reset disk password.

The fourth tip you can learn is how to make a shortcut from which you can lock your PC. This shortcut gives you fast access to secure the display and keyboard. By right-clicking on the desktop and then clicking on New and Shortcut, you’ll access the “Create Shortcut Wizard.” Asus Transformer Pad tf300t Specs for a text box will appear. Type “rundll32.exeuser32.dll, Lock Workstation” and hit next. You can rename the shortcut if you want. After renaming click Finish.

The last tip is how to activate a Screen Saver instantly. You have to click on the Start Menu button and Search after that. In the Search window, you have to click “All files” and type *.scr into the file namespace.  Then click “Local Hard Drives”-where you keep your system folders- and then click Search. A column of Screen Savers names will appear. Choose the one you want and after that click the right button on your mouse and pick “Send to” and “Desktop” which will create a desktop shortcut. Next time when you want to activate your screen saver, double-click the shortcut on your display.

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