Wikipedia Page Creation For Pros – Basic Tips To Follow Always

Wikipedia has grown to be a medium for marketing even though it was not meant to be one. No one how this happened or even barely occurred but it is the reality now. It has no drawbacks of its own as it benefits the people and businesses who have been looking for ways to gain notability but do not have the money or resources for it or just do not know how to proceed with their marketing strategies. 

Some people tend to choose Wikipedia writing services since making, editing Wikipedia pages or profiles is an art itself, and only professional writers and editors have the talent to make Wiki pages. Now that you know the main idea of Wikipedia and the importance of having a presence on the site, the next phase is to understand how a page can be created there. 

Tips for creating an accurate Wikipedia profile

Here are some tips that you should go through if you want to create an accurate and effective Wikipedia profile.

An outstanding profile

With an outstanding and highly Wikipedia profile, you can even be recognized as a credible member of the Wikipedia community. To become renowned on Wikipedia, you just have to be notable enough nothing else. In order to stay notable, you have to show the editors and moderators at Wikipedia that your profile is authentic and the information present in it is by no means false.

Never make frequent edits

There is not one core drawback to wrongful creation of a Wikipedia profile but several. You can make frequent edits but only if the content you keep on adding is authentic and credible. It is highly against Wikipedia guidelines to add content that defies the guidelines of Wikipedia. Before you make and upload your page on the platform, just make sure you have gone through the guidelines more than once. Even if the profile you are editing is not yours, you should still make the relevant changes but in a slow and timely manner.

Keep an eye on related pages

Your page might numerous other pages that are similar to yours. So, it would be in your favor if you added those pages to your list and started watching all those entries and make the changes that are somewhat relevant to yours. Well, of course, not every page and entry is going to have a purpose to you but it is very crucial to research and select the pages that you intend to keep an eye on.

Notability testing is crucial

Well if you have experience in making and uploading content on Wikipedia then you should have known by now how important notability is to Wikipedia. If you are new to Wikipedia then now is the time to learn its importance. You can only add pages or make entries that are notable. By calling these entries notable, it suggests that the people or brands you are creating the pages for should already have enough notability and name on credible online mediums that you can use those credible resources as citations in the Wikipedia page. 

Add only relevant links

External links are also a part of Wikipedia pages that should never be set aside. These links are added only to prove the credibility of the pages. You can consider these pages as citations or sources that are meant to test the notability and reliability of the individuals or businesses you have made the page for. If you are thinking that it is not necessary for every person or brand then you are wrong, as these external links are very crucial to add.

Licensed photos and media

If you have done your research about Wikipedia pages then you must have observed different images and photos on the pages with different captions on each photo. These photos are also a way to prove the notability and reliability of the person as well as of the business. These pictures might just not be too difficult to find but make sure that the pictures have proper rights to copyrights. Do not add random images that have no license or your page can be disapproved. 


 It is true that Wikipedia is not entirely a promotional or marketing platform so it should not be treated as one. However, what you can do is that you can use it as a medium for promotion but in a very smart way. For that, the content you shall create for Wikipedia should not be promotional in nature but molded in such a way and with accurate keywords that it is able to acquire visibility on the internet, especially search engines. That is all that you need to know and that is the core gist of Wikipedia for marketing in general.

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