Which are the popular video downloading Apps on Android?

A natural reaction would be to download the videos on YouTube but seldom has the platform allowed you to do so. In such events, you can rely on the services of third-party apps that allow you to download and stream videos. Here is a list of some popular names.


A reliable and popular third party app, as the user interface is easy to operate. Even videos from multiple sharing videos can be downloaded at the same time. There is a single-use built user from where you can browse any number of sites you want. The video can be downloaded from the preferred site of your choice.

A notable feature of this app is that you can opt for the quality and format before you download the video. You can store the downloaded videos on your phone automatically. In order to download this app

  • Just open the app and proceed to the video-sharing site
  • From search results, choose the preferred videos
  • The app will specify the quality of video that you are looking for
  • Once the resolution and quality is chosen you can download the video as per your choice
  • From a YouTube app, the videos can be shared with TubeMate.


For the YouTube platform, this is one of the trustworthy video downloading apps. A user-friendly interface that is split by categories. From the search bar, you can undertake a YouTube search directly. This app serves as a reliable YouTube Android downloader and you can check out the video before you are planning to download the video.

Within this app, you can even share videos on various social media platforms. On to your device storage, the downloaded videos are saved automatically as you can further divide the files into video and audio categories. In order to download the YouTube videos with the help of this app you need to follow the below steps

  • First, you need to open the app and in the YouTube search bar trying to figure out the video
  • The video has to be selected and click on the red button illustrated on the right side of the video
  • Once the video quality has been chosen the video is expected to download on its own


Video downloading depends upon an internet connection. Vidmate free download advocates the following steps in order to download the videos.

  • The app has to be launched by pressing on the icon
  • On the top of the screen, you are going to figure out a search bar where you can type in the videos of your choice
  • In fact, on the home screen itself, you would figure out the latest and popular downloaded videos
  • Just you need to search for your favourite videos and this is going to show the list of popular videos available on the various social channels
  • Each listing is accompanied by a download button where you can download the video of your choice

To sum it up the app provides you with all reliable features once you are planning to download the app.

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