What You need to Know about YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing

Video is one of the main trends in modern digital marketing. You can drive tons of traffic from YouTube by using the right tool. But for this, you need to understand how YouTube marketing works.

YouTube should be in your focus as much as Facebook or Instagram. YouTube marketing is different from other social media channels, so do not expect that you can use old strategies there. First, let’s see who can turn to YouTube marketing.

Who needs YouTube marketing?

YouTube is not only one of the most popular websites and search engines, it is also one of the most competitive platforms. If you are not ready to invest time and efforts in producing high-quality content on a regular basis, then stop reading. Just keep in mind that in recent years video marketing is surpassing other types of marketing. Videos can be used for more than one social network but they help to boost an engagement and achieve many essential marketing goals. The process of video making is not as costly as you might think: you don’t need expensive equipment or colossal decorations to produce videos that will catch viewers` eyes.

Considering opportunities YouTube can offer, it is the right platform for B2B, B2C companies and freelancers, influencers too.

What you should include in YouTube marketing strategy?

Making a YouTube marketing strategy has some specifics but mostly you can use the traditional way of making social media strategy.

  • Define your goals;
  • Research your competitors;
  • Find gaps;
  • Design your audience;
  • Create a content plan;
  • Promote videos;
  • Track metrics;
  • Be consistent.

When you think about your video content you need to visualize who will watch them; stick to the schedule; look for events you can comment on.

Useful Tips

  1. Producing testimonials and information about your company videos is not the best idea. Think about how you can build a relationship with the audience, help them to solve some problems so they will start to like and trust you.
  2. Provide context and explanations for your content. Explain industrial and specific terms and try to speak simply. New viewers will feel lost if you do not do this and you can lose potential subscribers.
  3. Organize your content on your YouTube channel. Creating playlists and managing the channel`s appearance are the great features to be employed.
  4. Work for a long-term gain. Calls-to-action is a pain for many as they do not know where to put it. Some specialists say that it is better not to put CTA in every video because it can drive away viewers. Another thing is to put calls-to-action at the end of a video. YouTube`s algorithm evaluates videos through the watch time. Your goal is to drive viewers to watch your video till the end. Starting with a CTA is like giving a cookie straight away instead of baking it together.
  5. Promote your video in the first 24 hours. You need enough views and watch time to push your video into YouTube`s algorithm and appear in recommendations. Choose the right time to upload – specialists suggest weekend mornings and weekdays afternoons as most viewers are on the platform during this time. In addition, you can use digital marketing services to expose your content to the community members. After you increase YouTube views your video will rank better by YouTube and stand out among others.


YouTube marketing might seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Like learning how to swim you will be afraid till you start doing it. After making the first steps diving deeper and deeper will not seem scary. Within time you will be able to achieve desirable results. Remember that Rome was not built in one day.

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