What to wear: A guide to proper packing

A Guide to Proper Packing

Planning for a trip and don’t know what to pack? Well, here we have a list of what things to pack for a trip. We have what to wear: A guide for proper packing. You will also find the checklist of accessories to pack while traveling.

We have taken care of all the planning issues while traveling and when you scroll below, the packing will turn very much easy for you and you will do it in few hours instead of thinking for a couple of days packing bags and bags. So just scroll down to make it easy.

  1. The clothing you need: – When you move away from home, you will surely need a good clothing and you cannot miss it at all. What thing to take and how many of them? How many is a very difficult decision for us but not anymore? Let me give you the details of how much and why to take them. You can get a great discount on clothing online using Chumbak Coupons with great deals.

The first thing you need to know when you start the packing is how long your trip would be. Accordingly, we can set things to pick. For a normal trip of about a couple of weeks. You must have at least 4 shirts or t-shirts (whichever you find better or whichever suits the environment) per week. You can take less or more but this is the standard number of shirts or t-shirt you may need. They may turn dirty or may get torn or many things may happen, so you need to ready for it. 

If you are moving to a cold place, you must have at least two jackets to wear and save you from the cold. If the cold is not thrilling, you can take away 1 jacket and 2 sweaters for effective use.

When it comes to jeans, you must have at least three for a week. If you are going to attend some functions, you can take some formal clothes as well which are important sometimes. Apart from jeans, you need to pack two pairs of shorts as well for your comfort and for using better space and time.

After all these clothing, there is still one important thing remaining to be packed which you might have neglected but has quite an important place in your bag and the thing is a raincoat.  You may think it is not that useful and will occupy space, but nature has no warning signals it can do whatever it wants. It’s better to be precautious as you always have something important in your pocket and a raincoat can save it from any kind of damage.

Another important thing to wear his socks.  Ha-ha I know you find it funny, but we forget such things sometimes and there is no sense in spending money for the thing you already have no matter how cheap they are. For an average trip of two weeks, you must have at least four pairs of socks. 

You will need at least four because you are never sure how long the journey can be or if you will get the time and resources to wash them. Especially if you know your socks stink, you must take one pair of socks more. It is better to take more stuff than feeling embarrassing. Along with them, don’t forget to get yourself two pairs of shoes and a slipper.

The last thing in the clothing left is the undergarments. You must about four pairs of undergarments with you no matter for a trip or daily life. Of course, two are enough but for the purpose of hygiene and health, four is the ideal number. Also, you can apply for Assistant Fashion Designer jobs to know more about this field.

2. Accessories: – there are a lot of things apart from the clothes that you will surely need on your trip. It’s not so easy to count all of them but this checklist will surely help you to take all the important things with you and have a carefree trip.

  1. Mobile Charger
  2. Earplugs
  3. Wristwatch (If you wear them frequently/ you can drop if you use your mobile to check the time)
  4. Passport (A very important thing. Keep it in the outer pocket for easy access).
  5. Photograph (they may be of some use at many places. Specially, passport size photos)
  6. Belt
  7. Hair oil, Comb, Face Wash, Sunscreen Cream and other beauty products you use.
  8. Glasses
  9. Books, if you like to read.
  10. A notepad
  11. Camera
  12. Guidebook or a city map.
  13. Basic documents
  14. Licenses.

The list may turn longer as per the place you go, the length of the trip ad your habits. This checklist and the clothing ideas are for you to keep a track of basic and “can’t miss” things.

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