What is Ghostwriting? A Complete Guide

Ghostwriting, a skill and a career where those who possess the skill of writing, sentence framing, content curator and emotion delivery, make their name and living by creating content articles, books, novels, thesis etc. Ghostwriting is done by ghostwriters and as the name speaks, ‘Ghost + writer’, these writers work as a ghost. This means that the work that they do leaves an impact but they are not recognized for it (unless the client agrees to include their name).

To understand the work of a ghostwriter in a simple manner, you can say that, a ghostwriter creates articles and frame the ideas of their clients in such a manner that it conveys the essence of their thought completely. They are the best ally, a person who wants their thoughts to be published, can wish for.

So, today in this article we will talk about the things that matter for those who hire a ghostwriter. This will help both the writers and the clients to understand the base knowledge about this concept of how ghostwriting works. With that being said, let’s start this without further ado.

Is ghostwriting legal?

If you are wondering about the question of ghostwriting being authentic and legal, the answer will make you happy, as it is completely legal. It is simply like just another commission work. The condition of the contracts between a freelance writer and a client include factors like a certain fixed sum as the amount of payment. Also, some of the clients offer credits to their writers while this is something which is not mandatory from both the sides of the client or the writer.

What is the procedure of getting your ideas published with the help of a ghostwriter?

Every ghostwriter has its very own quirks.  Some are great at conveying important points while some are great at framing sentences. So, the ultimate decision in choosing a ghostwriter is all up to your needs and expectations. Although, there is a complete process that is to be followed in order to get a perfect writing hand.

Initial meeting: This is the very first phase of hiring a ghostwriter. The meeting is the first block in a long series of events. This is the phase when both the client and writer share their ideas on the project.

Proposal: Next up in the list is the Proposal of the agreement. This is sent by the writer and once the client is satisfied with it they proceed with this relationship of theirs with a full-fledged contract.

Book outline: Recording interviews and getting into the depth of the idea that the client has in his or her mind is all that is done in this phase.

Expanded Book Outline: In this phase, the ghostwriter presents a bigger version of their interaction in the previous phase. The interviews and other recordings are thoroughly searched and broken into bits by the ghostwriter and are presented into a 50-60 pages documents containing the key points and their essence.

Drafting of the book: Once the client agrees up on the points the writer wants to put in the book, the drafting of the document starts. This phase can take anything from 3 months to a whole year.

Author revision: Unless you are a psychic there is no way you can draft a book perfectly. This is why Author revision is necessary and are an omnipresent factor of this. Editing and Publishing: This marks the last phase of the whole process. In this, the last minute edits are made and the book is sent into the printing press for publishing.

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