Ways to create a distinctive trademark for your business

distinctive trademark for your business

It is important that you realize that your trademark is going to be one of the most important assets for your business. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn that ways that are going to help you achieve a distinctive trademark that helps viewers distinguish you from the noise present in the market. A trademark that has not been well put together can often cause disturbances within marketing strategies. And that is when all efforts and time goes to vain.

An effective trademark consists of words, phrases and symbols that have been put together to help distinguish a brand within the saturated market place. The presence of trademark online is what helps the brand establish their intellectual property. Helping them keep their content, services and products to themselves rather than fearing getting copied.

Here are a few tips that are going to help you create a distinctive trademark for your business.

Refraining from using trademarks that cannot be registered

You might have an idea about how there is no point in putting in time and efforts into a trademark that has no chances of being registered. By getting your trademark registered you are going to help your products, services and intellectual property from being stolen. Not just that, it is also going to help you go against your competitors. Making sure that you have complete authority over your business, giving you ownership rights to enforce authority against copycats. However, you must keep in mind that there are certain words that can be difficult to register. And for that reason they should be avoided at all cost.

Knowing that descriptive words don’t work well for trademarks

Descriptive words can often be too bland. They only work well when a certain product is being presented or people are being informed regarding a service. Otherwise, they are not suitable for trademarks. Can you imagine a trademark that goes like ‘cold drink’. As much as it describes the product but once it has been registered others wont be able to use it. And given how the descriptive choice of words are a basic part of our common language, it will only cause more hindrances.

Avoiding using surnames

Some people have this concept that using surnames within trademarks is a good idea, when in truth it can often be very repulsive. It is simply one of the poorest choice of words that is neither descriptive not unique which makes it harder to captivate attention or mark a position in the market for the business. And for that specific reason, surnames should be avoided being used within or for trademarks.

Keeping away from generic words

You wouldn’t want a trademark that is too common and has no individuality of its own. It is important that you choose a trademark that is distinctive, different and out of the box. otherwise it will not have much chances of standing out from the lot. But rather would be more likely of getting lost in the competition in the market. Especially when competition is high and there is saturation. A few examples of generic terms are ‘superior, deluxe, gold and premium’. These are all common words that have been witnessed way too many times.

Describing an experience within your trademark

It is best that you provide your consumers with a trademark that showcases an experience or even an action. Especially something that helps them relate and resonate with a service or a product. No one inclines more towards anything than towards a story. Especially when human beings have a knack for interesting short stories that define experiences that they themselves haven’t had or would like to have. Giving you all reasons to implement this feature in your trademark to make it more distinctive.

Inventing new words

You have no reasons to be confined by language or any barriers for that matter. You can even opt to create new words such as spandex or kodak. These were all created and before that they never existed within dictionaries. Inventing new words is a plus point for your trademark. As they are not descriptive but tend to hold a lot of distinctiveness. You can simply choose to combine different words together to create a whole new word that simply relates to your services and product. One of its example is how Microsoft created a new word by joining microcomputer and software together.

These are the few tips that are going to help you create a highly distinctive trademark. One that has the ability to put consumers and awe and inspire them to allow the business to make an impact on them. for that sole reason, you need to implement these tips whilst you create your own trademark.

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