The go-to Guide for Simple and Affordable Home Decor Tips

simple and affordable home decor tips

When it comes to decorating a home, who in the world wouldn’t want their homes to look like those you see on Pinterest. We all, at some point, have made a board or just downloaded some pictures of how we want our home to look. But, often don’t end up doing it because of financial aspects or lack of time

But, if you feel like this is one of your stories, then this guide is what you need for some affordable and simple home decor ideas to transform your home as you have always dreamt of! 

Find out how! 

1. Add a bit of your personality through elements

Just right after you make a decision to transform your home, deciding the theme for your rooms should be the first thing to be done. You can visualize the purpose of each room in your home and decide how to go about decorating it while also showing off parts of your personality through elements. 

If you want your living to be fun and colourful then add some paintings to it. While adding a vibe to your study room you can get yourself a big bookshelf too. A good storage piece for showcasing your favourite vintage souvenirs can also be a great idea for your dining room! 

2. Let the greens work their charm

For people who are in awe of taking care of their plant babies, going green can be one of the most exciting and affordable home decor ideas.

Get yourself some indoor plants like ficus, snake plant, jade plant or maybe a spider plant in a pot that goes with the decor and see the space getting transformed in no time.

3. Comfortable furniture

Spending on 10 different home decor elements will always make less sense and satisfaction if the furniture in your home is not perfect like you’ve always wanted. Sometimes sticking on a budget while getting that comfy recliner chair or that perfect working desk can be a task if you want the best of quality. 

But with modern-day aids like furniture rentals, this is not a problem anymore. You can now save on your budget and still have a fully furnished home with portals like Bhadepay where you get furniture on rent at prices as low as 84 rupees per month. 

Thus, always visualize what piece of furniture would you want in that space and look for it through portals and make the most of this comforting and budget-friendly decor idea

4. Paint it your way! 

Modern-day interiors are more about going with classy and minimal colours in your home in hues of white, black, brown or peach. However, if you are someone who likes to keep it bright and wants to paint something Pinteresty or aesthetic, then don’t let the trends block you! 

Remember it’s your home and you get to decorate the way you love it the most 🙂

5. DIY- Be a part of the process

While most people overlook this, there is no other way that you can truly embrace your decorated home unless you have been a part of the process. Make some time to DIY the dreamcatcher you always wanted or repaint the bottles and add some flowers to them. 

Every time you will look at it, you will feel more at home than ever and isn’t that the entire point of decorating your house into a comfy home for yourself?!

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