Staying Ahead of Web Design: 3 Trends to Cater

Web Designing

Web design is one of the major evolving philosophies that businesses cannot overlook in today’s digital age. Now, as a naive customer, you will ask why? Also, there are online retailers who may believe in the common perception that people usually do not care about the website appearance if the brand is famous and site’s shopping cart functions flawlessly. A customer has to buy something he liked, so he will make an online purchase anyway. Like seriously? Why don’t you take a pause and think that when a person can get the same product or service from the vendor who cares about the ease and aesthetic sense of potential buyers, then he will prefer him to you.
It is an open fact that the majority of the users escapes the website quickly as they do not find it compelling and updated according to the latest trends. A web design company can give your site the face that people would love to meet up with every so often. Big profits don’t come easy unless you put the right effort in the right way to target the right consumer.

If you do not want to lose your potential consumer base, then you need to ensure that your website design is according to the modern trends.

Here are the most dominated web design trends going to rock this year.

• Vivid Colors with Proportionate Contrast:
Appealing visuals are the most prominent feature in any website that attracts the visitors’ attention. The bright colors with balanced contrast help transmit your brand message. The trend of low contrasts has never been much appreciated as the overall design will appear dull and flat. Likewise, a high contrast will appear sharp if doesn’t come with balanced hue and will hurt the viewer’s eyes as it will create a pinching effect. The most contemporary style is to embed color transition aligned with your brand logo. Always use a fine-tune high contrast filter to add clean, subtle effects to your web design. Avoid flashy colors by blending them in the right way.

• Geometric Silhouettes with Meaningful Layouts:
Nothing random works in a website design. The geometric shapes and patterns hold foremost importance for long. But, with the passage of time it gets more and more refined, leaving behind the low-key tendencies. Use the decorative elements, but incorporate simple, elegant and mixed shapes to improve the user experience. Remember, continuity matters a lot. Do not confuse it with the repetition. This means whatever geometric pattern you follow, it should turn up as a meaningful layout.

• Graphical and Animated Content:
2D or 3D, graphics is taking over the textual content. The pictorial or video content is essentially determinate, specific and explicit.
Adding images to enhance your unique selling proposition was a popular trend, the past year. Now, the graphic illustrations are in rage. Moreover, contour drawing, short videos is gaining maximum attention.
Line art, sketch icons, unique pictures, and animated objects contain substantial potential to gain more popularity this year.

In a nutshell, do not leave any downside in your website to satisfy your customers. Eventually, it will build consumer loyalty and drive more sales necessary to grow your business exponentially.

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