Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform Ever

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform Ever

WordPress happens to be one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) accounting for over 25 percent of the websites on the internet, today. It boasts of over half of the global shares in this specific section. WordPress is preferred by the world’s leading sites. This platform is used by over 16 million websites and more that 15 posts get published through this every second.

The immense popularity of WordPress is made possible because of a number of reasons. Some of them are enlisted below.

  • Superior Support – A newbie in the blogging platform needs a lot of support especially at the initial stage. WordPress is the easiest way to get all the support required. As it is one of the most renowned and popular CMSs of the world you can get all the answers that you need by a simple google search. This is something that is most coveted.
  • Simple Process of Installation – There is no requirement for going through the complex steps at the time of installing WordPress. In a single click you can install WordPress for your blog. Most of the web-hosting services help to install WordPress in a single click from their Control Panel. It just takes minutes to be completed and you can start creating and publishing your blogs.
  • Loading Speed – No other CMS can match the performance of the WordPress in this case as it loads in lighting speed. Its optimized coding style and CSS lower the content to be loaded by using the browser built-in prefixes. Moreover, there are also some Web-Cache plugins that can enhance the WordPress blogs.
  • Ease of Use – Anyone who has minimum IT knowledge is capable of using WordPress. You don’t need an experienced blogger to manage your account. Whether it is managing the account, publishing new posts or adding plugins you can mange the account. WordPress is simpler than all other alternatives. The user-friendliness of WordPress is one of the main reasons why it is the largest blogging platform in the world.
  • Vast Choice of Professional Themes – There are hardly any other blogging platforms that has as professional themes and unique looks like WordPress does. These are pro-looking, speedy and responsive and you can choose from a vast plethora of them. You can find the perfect one from your niche and can also customize it in the desired levels.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization – Your website needs traffic and ranking depends on the organic traffic that you need to prioritize. You don’t have to worry for SEO and organic traffic if you are using WordPress. WordPress helps to optimize the blog posts as well as the main pages so that the web spiders can crawl easily, and the organic traffic can flow. As compared to any other CMS, WordPress is more search engine friendly and its SEO is another reason why it stands out.

The above are some of the reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform ever and most of the bloggers all around the globe use this for publishing their blog. These are suggested by one of the most renowned and experienced WordPress development services India where the professionals are not only knowledgeable but have been in the industry since many years now and have a thorough knowledge about WordPress and its functionality and performance.

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