Psychological Factors That Affect Online Shopping

psychological factors that affect online shopping

When establishing a content marketing strategy, various factors that affect online purchases are taken into account. On the one hand, the content itself. We are faced with the need for original and fresh content. Then, we think about the dissemination and promotion of what is produced.

In order to think about this central aspect, which is the diffusion and promotion, that is, the presentation of our content, it is essential to consider psychological factors that affect user behavior. The potential consumer that we target when we define our strategy, generally, behaves in a certain way in the face of very specific factors. In this infographic made by Vouchercloud, these aspects are worked on, with the inclusion of revealing statistics.

Factors Affecting Online Shopping

# 1 You must have a fast site

One of the factors that affect online shopping, although it seems to be essential that the site where you offer your products or services, where the user is going to access your content, is fast enough so that no one gets tired and desists. The numbers are that cruel.

In turn, of that total escapist, 80% will never return to your site. The amount of accessions you can let go of is considerable because you do not have a fast and dynamic site.

# 2 You’re not just a pretty face, but …

The design of your e-commerce site plays an important role when it comes to attracting users and if you don’t want to be harmed by the factors that affect online shopping. As we well know, what matters is what is inside. However, it is also said that everything enters through the eyes first. And it turns out that this happens with your startup. The design of your site is the first thing the user will find , and this becomes a factor to take into account among the priorities.

In turn, video presentations have a highly favorable image. Video is an almost mandatory presence format if you want to attract customers.

# 3 What is said about you?

Another factor that affects online purchases to consider is that of comments. Everything that is said about your site, your brand or your products is important.

It is a high figure, very usable if you have a good reputation, although devastating if you receive negative comments.

In turn, personal recommendations are important. A referral program can be a good option for your business, and thus obtain recommendations. Returning to the statistics, 67% of consumers read at least 6 comments before purchasing a product .

# 4 Abandonment of payments and shipments

There are various studies to understand why a sale falls, the intention to buy and receive a product is abandoned, other factors that affect online purchases. From these studies, it was known that the payment abandonment rate is 67.4% . Now why is this happening?

The main reason, with 44%, corresponds to the existence of hidden charges when buying. Then 29% abandon the payment for having the obligation to register on the site before buying. In turn, 11% and 10% respectively share the blame for the lack of clarity about the shipment and the slowness of the procurement process. Finally, with a lower but no less important percentage, the absence of a phone number on the website is a factor, with 8%.

# 5 Coupons and offers

Every time the user looks more at the benefits he acquires when subscribing to a site or purchasing a product. In the United States this year, more than half of the adults who use the Internet benefited from these coupons and offers. It is an interesting way to attract customers. Having attention with the users that give life to your enterprise is a strategic and friendly way to increase the number of clients and keep them .

57% of those who used a discount code stated that, had it not been for that discount, they would not have purchased the product. These offers greatly increase buyer satisfaction.

# 6 A sale does not end before shipping

If we make a sale, we can’t relax until we make sure we ship the product properly. The sale does not end at the click, but when the customer receives what he bought and is satisfied. 59% of consumers look at the form and cost of shipping before making a decision .

This is why it is important to achieve an efficient shipment, in the shortest possible time (if possible, on the same day). Having the ability to keep the cost of relocation to a minimum is also critical . This seems to be a detail, but it is something that the user attends with care.

# 7 It guarantees secure payments

The confidence to issue credit card payments online is increasing, and also more frequent. However, you must promote various forms of payment in your venture that guarantee the security of your customers’ data, if this is seen as vulnerable, you will be facing another factor that affects online purchases.

80% of consumers feel more secure when seeing credit card logos on the site, a detail that provides legitimacy and trust. In turn, 59% of users abandon the transaction if their preferred payment method is not available.

With all this information, you are ready to put together a fast and well-designed site, offer secure payment methods, guarantee shipping as fast as your site and reliable, and don’t forget to offer discounts either. They are some important factors that work on a psychological level in the consumer when making a purchase.

Do they work for you when you act as a consumer? What do you plan to improve on your website? Do not be harmed by the factors that affect online purchases and take the necessary precautions so that your store has everything your consumer is looking for.

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