How travel will change post-pandemic

how travel will change post-pandemic

In the last many months, the entire world came to a standstill due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected the economy of many countries and the world as a whole has been struggling to overcome this deadly virus. Alongside many other industries, the travel industry is one of the worst affected sectors. However, in the last couple of months, we have seen a slight revival in the movement of goods and people. Though people are still a little hesitant to travel, many of them are venturing out for work or personal obligations. Though the risk remains, many countries have opened up their tourism industry and are welcoming visitors. So, let’s see how travel is changing after the pandemic?

Hygiene and sanitization will be mandatory

Wearing a mask has become a way of life now. Carrying hand sanitizers, wearing gloves, carrying disinfectant wipes, etc. are some of the things we have to follow. Cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitization are extremely important now for travelers especially when they are in public places. Hotels, airports, stations, shopping malls, etc. also have adapted to stringent measures such as thermal screenings, temperature checks, contactless methods for booking, payments, and so on.

Personal tours will be preferred more than group tours

People may be anxious and scared to be a part of group tours such as cruises or coach holidays. They will prefer to go on holiday in small groups of 4-5 either with friends or families so that they can minimize the risk of exposure to outsiders.

Travel insurance will become more important

Though travel insurance was always mandatory for international travel, it has gained more importance in recent months. Many travel insurance companies are covering COVID 10 as part of their insurance package to assure the customers that they will be covered in case of any emergencies irrespective of domestic or international holidays.

Luxury will come at affordable prices

Due to the impact of the pandemic, many hotels and airlines are luring their customers with a lot of extra perks, freebies, loyalty programs, and discounts. Free cancellations, airport transfers, and decreased rates are some of the options provided by the hospitality sector. Also, due to layoffs and pay cuts that have impacted a large section of the population, the tourism and hospitality industry is compelled to provide luxury at more affordable prices. So, people can plan holidays to countries that are always deemed expensive. Now you can apply for your visit visa Dubai, Singapore, Europe, or other expensive destinations.

Road trips may gain more popularity

Many people will be comfortable taking road trips in their own vehicles to nearby destinations to avoid public transport. This is a great opportunity for car rental companies to offer economical rates with the assurance that the vehicle is sanitized and cleaned well after every use.

People will be responsible travelers

One of the positive things to happen after the pandemic is that people have started admiring and appreciating nature more. A deep sense of being responsible and protecting the planet has become one of the topmost priorities. Therefore, we can safely say that people will be more responsible while traveling and ensuring that they are not polluting Mother Earth anymore.

Unexplored destinations will become more popular

People will be scared to go to crowded places as the risk of catching the virus still exists. They may prefer to go to destinations that are less explored and have lesser crowds so that maintaining social distancing will be easier. Staycations will gain more popularity as people would want a break from the stress and be close to nature.


It is difficult to ascertain when the Coronavirus will be eradicated from the world, and when things will be normal again. But we are sure most of these precautions and measures are here to stay for long.

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