How to have a Trendy House in 2022

trendy house in 2022

At the end of 2021, we begin to realize our lives and our little daily habits. What is their impact and what should we change? So, if you are a conscious person who wants to start the year 2022 by following new ideas and leading a more sustainable life, we are ready to help you by giving you some useful tips.

Today’s article from prashmi interio focuses on sustainability in interior design and how to achieve a cozy and cocooning arrangement without damaging nature!

What is Sustainable development?

If you are wondering what exactly sustainable development means, here is the definition and goal we will follow from now on: It is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet the needs of the present. their “.

So, the objective of sustainable development is to find a balance between nature and urbanization. Yes, it is possible, but to achieve it, each of us must make small decisions in our daily life in order to effect change on a global scale. That is why today we will start with the transformation of interior design.

Sustainability in interior design in 2022

Sustainability and design are two things that may seem incompatible, but it is possible to tune them in such a way as not to have a negative impact on nature and the resources that we use daily like water, energy, plants and much more.

Did you know that for the production of a 60 watt incandescent bulb, up to 6000 gallons of water is used? Water is used either to cool the generators or to produce steam, but that’s a lot, isn’t it ?

So, if you want to contribute to the global change towards a more responsible life, follow our 5 tips described in the following paragraphs.

Energy consumption

Energy exhaustion is one of the main drivers of environmental change. That is why it is very essential to find some best alternatives. For example, use green, energy-efficient technologies. An example of sustainability in interior design are devices that can detect when a room is empty – TVs, heaters, lights, etc. They are generally more expensive, but they will also reduce electricity bills at the end of the month.

Another ecological way to reduce costs is to insulate doors and windows well and to bet on a durable coating such as a wooden parquet or a good quality carpet. They can both reduce energy use (electricity) by up to 10%.

When we talk about interior design, we cannot neglect the decoration as well. To achieve sustainable development, opt for light colors such as vanilla, cream, beige and pastel shades. They reflect light and thus reduce the need to use multiple lights in the same room.

Sustainability in materials

If we talk about sustainability, it is very important to choose materials as well as products with the lowest impact on the environment. In this context, organic materials (e.g. wood, wool, natural stone ) seem to be the obvious choice. Remember, however, that natural resources must also be treated responsibly. Choose rapidly renewable materials, such as cork or bamboo. And if you need a change, don’t immediately think about buying a new one. Find a way to give it a makeover or exchange it for another item. It is now possible to find thousands of fantastic initiatives which give you the possibility to give new life to an old object.

Design for waste reduction

With limited resources on the planet, the mentality of throwing things out as soon as they are out of fashion and replacing them with those that are currently in fashion is the worst thing to do.

Find people in need, donate, sell or just refresh old furniture. There are many options available to you. This is the reason why “thrifting” is gaining such popularity at the moment. Because the planet, and the people on it, really need it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse

The innovations have brought many sustainability options into interior design. We’re talking about flexible design that offers a complete furniture transformation Adjustable, movable items that can be reassembled to meet your needs. To see in particular a cot that turns into a desk or a sofa that becomes a dining table. This type of furnishing gives you the opportunity to reduce the use of materials, to reuse an old item and to refuse the purchase of a new item.

Just like second hand clothes , you can recycle decorations you no longer need. As already mentioned, you can give them to a family in need or sell them. Throwing something in the trash is not always the best solution. Think rather of the concept “0 waste”.

If you prefer decoration made from natural materials , you also have the option of composting. Now it is possible to do it at home and it is really simple and easy. Then, you can use the compost to create a beautiful flower garden.

In short, forget about the linear model: buy – use – dispose. It is more than ever necessary to rely on the circular economy, which is based on the concept of: use – repair – manufacture – reuse – share.

Healthy environment design

We are spending more and more time indoors. This is why interior design trends are agitating so many people in the global aspect. Fortunately, they represent sustainable and eco-responsible ideas. Take a look at the biophilic design, for example. With its ability to integrate nature into closed spaces, it positively influences our physical and mental health.

To create a healthy environment, you will also need clean air, efficient heating, good lighting and good acoustics. Do not hesitate to incorporate a plant decoration at home.

When it comes to lighting, biophilic lights are the best you can choose for achieving sustainability in interior design. You will find more info and practical ideas in our article on the subject.

As you can see, implementing sustainability in interior design requires taking a holistic approach. By taking into account these principles and our practical advice, you will create a home that is both respectful of your health and the future of our planet. And the best part? No need to compromise on style, because it is THE trend that will dominate for years to come!

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