How to find credit card CVV number?

Credit Card CVV Number

With an increase in credit card transaction frauds, it is necessary to have security features that protect the card against cybercrimes and threats. The CVV number is one such encryption layer that provides additional protection to cardholders against cyber threats. It is a 3 or 4-digit number used as an encrypted code for your account information.

Provided as a security feature in the MasterCard or Visa network, it works in coordination with the data integrated with your card’s magnetic strip. Once you swipe your card for any transaction, the payment gateway is forwarded your account information and verifies the same with your credit card’s CVV. It thus makes completing a transaction impossible without this number. Similarly, online transactions are also confirmed through this number.

Therefore, you must know the CVV number of your credit card . You can find it on the back of your card nearby the magnetic strip.

Most of the online transactions require you to provide this number to the merchant for verification. However, as not all payment gateways require this number, you may look for a credit card with other robust security features that provide multi-layered protection.

Also, you may check out other features like zero-fraud liability cover that ensures you are protected against any liability in case of fraud.

It is further necessary to use a credit card wisely as it is a credit instrument that comes with an ability to boost your credit score. Also, keep your credit utilisation in check and make timely payment of bills to maximise its benefits.

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