Hidden Jewels Of Uttarakhand Worth A Visit

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is famed for its spiritual importance along with being the centre for yoga and meditation. A visit to this scenic place will surely rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. However currently with people flocking to all the well known hill station destination some of the places here still remain untouched from the hands of commercialisation. These untainted places offer a refreshing getaway option from the teeming tourists, chaos of the city and a much-needed break from the exhausting daily life. If you are looking to escape the world and spend your days among nature then here are some of the hidden and off beat places in Uttarakhand that should definitely be visited at least once:

  • Khirsu

Situated in the district of pauri Garhwal at a distance of 15 km from the main town this unexplored and picturesque hamlet is the perfect off beat getaway you need. The town can be reached via a road journey through some of the lushest green surrounding. Waking up early in the morning to the view of the snow capped Garhwal Himalayas overlooking the town will be an experience to remember with your family and loved ones. It truly is a paradise for nature lovers who can indulge in nature hikes, trekking and camping activity whilst being accompanied by the sweet chirping of the birds throughout. 

  • Peora

Situated in between the popular Uttarakhand tourist destinations of Almora and Nainital peora is truky a hidden gem. Consisting of wide expansive lush green forest covers and glistening fruit orchards this place is the perfect option if you wish to indulge in some eco tourism activities. Staying in a local homestay, interacting with the locals, eating delicious cuisines and everything amongst the untouched pristine natural beauty. You can enjoy the forest trails here and makes sure to pack binoculars for indulging in fun bird watching activity. If you are looking to spend some peaceful time amidst the serene ambience and rejuvenate your whole mind body and soul. 

  • Mandal 

Located within the district of Chamoli this is one of the most untainted places in Uttarakhand. The village is the perfect spot for relaxing and feeling your tension and stress melt away amongst the rich garhwal Himalayan beauty. The pine, spruce and maple forests here offers you the perfect opportunity to go on a day excursion and remember to carry your camera along since the natural beauty here is simply stunning. Mandal is used as a stop over for pilgrimage treks to Rudranath mandir (1 of the panch kedar temples), Anusuyadevi mandir and even Chopta which is just a 3 hours of driving journey from here.

  • Khati Village 

Situated within the beautiful and scenic district of bageshwarKhati is probably one of the most well-preserved secret of Uttarakhand. With no dearth of awe-inspiring views and seated peacefully on the banks of the pindar river this place is the perfect blend of beauty, peace and serenity. With exhilarating ambience and zero traces of pollution khati is also the last settlement for the people heading for pindari glacier trek. The surreal beauty of this place can best be experienced by a cycling trip exploration and remarkable nature walks. Reaching this place is an easy job since it is well connected to kathgodam and can be reached via a rented cab. 

  • Mana Village 

Perched on the banks of the religious and legendary Saraswati river this is the famed last village of India due to its location on the indo china border. Although this village is frequented by people going for Badrinath dham Darshan, it deserves a lot more days than that. The place is replete with amazing natural surrounding and apart from the peak pilgrimage season this village is an off beat destination. Mana the last village of India is also endowed with impeccable and rich mythological historical background and people also believe that Mahabharat was written right here by Vyasdev. You can even go on fun treks to these iconic locations that hold so much significance. 

  • Dharchula

The breath taking and quaint hamlet of Dharchula is nestled within the untouched beauty of district of Pithoragarh. The entire region is blessed with pristine valleys and forests that lays peacefully on the Kailash, Manassarovar and chhotakailash yatra route. The place can be reached via a scenic route which is the most ideal way of reaching this beautiful hidden hill town. escape away from the pollution and unbearable temperature then a getaway to Dharchula where you can go on ideal trekking, hiking expeditions and even interact with the local Uttarakhand tribes which will definitely be a very unique experience in itself. 

  • Gwaldam

This quiet sleepy hamlet of Gwaldam is situated right one the border of the hills of Garhwal and Kumaon amongst the remarkable and scenic greenery that still remains incomparable to anywhere else. If you are visiting the district of Chamoli then this off beat location should definitely be visited. This heaven on earth filled with the beautiful sound of the birds, dotted with colourful flowers like orchids and going on visit to Badhangarhi temple makes Gwaldam the place to be. If you want then the most perfect time would be to visit this place during the holy nandadevi raj jat yatra which passes through this beautiful town.

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