Here’s how to pay your credit card bills By Paytm Wallet

Credit Card Payment - Pay Bills Using Paytm Wallet

Paytm has emerged as one of the convenient methods to pay credit card bills. Card issuers are now incorporating Paytm as one of the means to increase convenience for the cardholders.

There are two ways in which an individual can make payments through the portal. They can choose either between BHIM UPI and networking to complete their credit card payment through Paytm.

To pay via net banking, they are required to possess the login credentials of the account portal of their financial institution. On the other hand, to pay via BHIM UPI, cardholders must acquire their Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

To pay through Paytm, individuals are required to log in to their account via the official website or mobile website. There are required to visit the credit card section and select the card they want to pay the bill off. If they do not have any card saved, they are required to enter the required details on the page.

They will be redirected to another page where they have to enter the payment amount. Upon submitting the details, they will be redirected to the payment gateways. If they select BHIM UPI, they must enter their VPA and complete the payment. On the other hand, if they choose net banking, they will be redirected to the payment portal of their financial institution where they can pay the due amount.

Along with Paytm, there are various other payment options like NEFT and mobile application. Cardholders can use any of the mentioned options to clear their credit card dues.

Paytm is one of the easiest methods to pay credit card bills. Cardholders also have the option to automate their payments for their convenience.

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