Hacks to Repair Washer at Home

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If you own a washing machine or you already have a direct drive washer model, then you might find this guide useful. These washers have been around for a long period and if we speak of them, these repairs don’t cost much. 

If you know how to repair the washer then it is very easy and less time-consuming. It is simple to disassemble and then fix the issue and then you can get back to using it. However, many people don’t know how to repair it. Thus, they take more time than usual and much time it creates more problems. 

So, how to proceed with it? 

The first step to figuring out is the symptoms of the washer. You need to figure out the washing machine is spinning and not washing or it is leaking. There may be water is pumping but washing and spinning are not working. 

Hence, you need to figure out the exact symptoms and here might be some of the cases. The washer might be leaking, the washer wouldn’t spin, the washer has an agitator problem or washer will not rinse.

Front Load Washing Machines

If you have a problem with your front load washer, then you can see that the mechanics of the front load washing machine are very simple. They are straightforward and with little guidance, you will be able to repair it. You need to get a trick to handle electric parts of the machine and there is a mini-manual for that. You will find a small manual that is located behind the bottom panel. The machine manual of the company can help you to repair the front load of the washing machine. 

There are other problems such as washer door gasket replacement, front loading washer is not running, front load washer is not pumping out, and other problems like this. 

Suppose if you a leaking water washer, then here is what you can do:

First, check the water valve. If there are cracks on the water-mixing valve, it could cause water leaks. All you have to do is to find water leaks from the water valve and check if the water valve is leaking. 

Then, check on the water pump that could be leaking from the crack on the water pump. It could also come from the hoses connected to the water pump. Then, the stem and seal assembly could be checked too. Then, the tub bearing assembly at the stem and seal release water. After some time, the tub bearing will also wear out. Hence, if you think your tub bearing is the problem, you can replace it too.

What if there is A Problem with The Electric Dryer

Sometimes, there is a problem with the dryer. Here is a way to fix it at home.

You can check the voltages at the terminal block. The voltages coming from the wall outlet that leads to the terminal block in the dryer should be checked. Next, it is the power cord, if you get the right voltages at the terminal block, you will need to disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet and check the power cord.

You can disassemble the dryer

When you are doing the washer repair by yourself, you need to learn how to do everything properly and how you can take the dryer apart, repair it, and put it back together again properly.

The door switch is the next and it is a safety device that helps prevent the dryer from starting or running when the door is open.

The door switch

The door switch is a safety device that prevents the dryer from starting or running if the door is open. The purpose of the door switch is to stop the dryer motor from running if someone opens the dryer door. Once the door is opened, then you will have to close the door and push the start button so that the dryer is running. If the door switch isn’t working, that might be the reason why the dryer isn’t working.

The thermal fuse is another safety device, where you use to open the circuit till the motor to stop the dryer from running. If there is a blown thermal fuse, then this could be the reason why the dryer has stopped working. Hence, try to repair this soon.


Thus, these are few ways where you can try and fix your washer and if you cannot do it by yourself, then you can take the help of washer repair services. Sometimes, the dryer is dead and it does not start at all even after all the checks, it is then that you should take the help of the repair services and fix it. Also, make sure you check the timer of the washing machine.

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