Explore Mehrangarh Fort through Maharajas Express

The “Citadel of the Sun”, Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest and majestic forts in Jodhpur. It is the major attraction of Jodhpur with imperial beautiful attractions inside and outside of the fort. And the journey to this massive and exquisite fort through Maharaja’s Express is the best choice. The special thing about Maharaja’s Express is their itineraries includes with mainly historic places.

To experience the Indian heritage means Maharajas Express train is the best choice. Let’s know in detail about the major attractions and interesting facts of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

Interesting Facts:

Mehrangarh Fort was built by the founder of Jodhpur Rao Jodha when his capital was shifted to Jodhpur. we know that this majestic fort was laid on a top hill. But before the construction of the fort, it was an ascetic habitat place and he is known as the lord of birds ‘Cheeria Nathji’. Due to the construction of the fort, he lost his home and he cursed the place.

As a resolution to his curse, he said a selfless person should sacrifice their life. Then Raja Ram Meghwal accepted this and sacrificed his life. According to his wish, his family is considered a part of the royal family. These are the facts that happened during the construction of Mehrangarh Fort.

Architectural styles:

Mehrangarh Fort stands for exquisite architectural styles which were famous along many forts in Rajasthan. The greatness of Mehrangarh Fort architectural significance belongs to many Rathore rulers. This fort was elongated by the contributions of so many kings. Here the most significant things that redefine the architectural styles means Mehrangarh Fort seven major gates.

Totally, there are seven gates to enter the fort. The most famous gates are Jaya Pol built by Maharaja Man Singh on victory over the Jaipur and Bikaner armies and Fatteh Pol by Maharaja Ajit Singh on victory over the Mughals. These two gates are called as victory symbols of Mehrangarh Fort. And the one more important gate is Loha Pol, on this gate you can see the handprints of the queens who have driven into fire themselves during their husband Maharaja Man Singh funeral.

Here in Mehrangarh Fort, you can see cannon shots on the walls, that shows how strongly the fortifications were built. Some other architect significant spots are royal cenotaphs and the chhatri of Kirat Singh Soda a renowned soldier for his sacrifice. Like this, many attractions and parts of the Fort are ideal for unique and adorable architectural styles.

Major attractions:

The major attractions of Mehrangarh Fort which are welcoming tourists to visit and enjoy a lot. Mehrangarh Fort was comprised of numerous beautiful architectural palaces, temples, villas and a famous museum. Among them, the most beautiful palaces are Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Phool Mahal, Zenana Dude, Jhanki Mahal, and Takht Vilas. These palaces in Mehrangarh Fort are ideal of beautiful attractive things and architectural styles.

And the temples which are preferable to visit are Chamundi Devi Mandir and Nagnechiaji Mandir. These two temples were dedicated to Goddess Durga and the Kuldevi. The two famous villas are the Umaid Vilas exhibits Rajput miniature paintings and the Ajit Villas showcase the royal attires and musical instruments.

Mehrangarh Fort Museum is the most visited place which is the perfect place to visualize many olden things of Mehrangarh Fort and begore planning your trip, know more about the Maharajas Express train schedule. And this museum displays royal palanquins, armory, furniture, miniature paintings, costumes, etc. These are the key attractions of Mehrangarh Fort to visit and see.

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