Essential Tips and Tricks For YouTube Descriptions

YouTube description

Do you know YouTube descriptions play a crucial role in your channel’s SEO rankings? 

Many YouTubers don’t care and focus on YouTube descriptions, but they are more critical for the success of your YouTube channel. 

If we talk about the SEO factors of a YouTube channel in a hierarchy, then it goes like this – 

  1. The most important SEO factor is the thumbnail. 
  2. After thumbnail, the second most crucial factor for YouTube SEO is the title. 
  3. Then comes the YouTube description. 
  4. YouTube tags. 

If we talk about YouTube descriptions, they sure can are essential as they get visibility in Google search results and YouTube search results and get more youtube views whenever a user searches the query. 

That’s what makes it super important and necessary to optimise it for better SEO rankings and user experience. 

Essential Tips To Optimize YouTube Descriptions

YouTube descriptions are especially crucial for channels who are trying to grow. Here are some quick ways with which you can quickly optimise your YouTube descriptions. 

1. Keyword Optimisation

One of the key features that you should focus on while optimising YouTube descriptions is keyword optimization. 

Make sure you do proper keyword research and include those keywords in your YouTube descriptions. These keyword-optimized YouTube descriptions will help you in ranking on Google and YouTube search results.

Try to include more keywords as more as possible. Also, try to stuff keywords around your title. This stuffing not only will make it relevant but also helps search engines and channel audience to understand more about your video. 

2. Write In-Depth YouTube Descriptions

Try to write in-depth YouTube descriptions. These descriptions do not only help your channel audience to know more about your video but also helps search engines to understand what your video is all about. 

It then ranks your video accordingly in search results. More your description has clarity, higher the chances of ranking at top positions in search results on Google, YouTube, and other search engines. 

3. Optimize Channel’s Default Uploads

Default uploads on YouTube are the entities that you want to add in all of your YouTube videos. They can be your social media links, affiliate links, etc. 

Make sure you optimise your YouTube channel’s default uploads as you can easily set up them from the YouTube Creator Studio Settings. 

4. Add Hashtags in YouTube Descriptions

Adding hashtags in YouTube descriptions allows you to give them visibility above the video title. 

You can only add a maximum of three hashtags which appears in blue. 

Wrapping Up 

YouTube descriptions give you a little boost to your channel’s SEO strategy. Also, optimized video and descriptions can drive a vast amount of traffic, help you to get more youtube subscribers, views likes, and shares. 

Also, make you sure optimise and add descriptions to your old YouTube videos, if there aren’t any. You can also add affiliate links or links to your website to drive more traffic from your YouTube channel to your site. Well-written YouTube descriptions can easily lead your channel to success. 

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