Enjoy tasty Street Food in Chandni Chowk

In India, people are very foodie. India has a different flavor of street food. And every place has a specialty. Street food is easily available at any place. Street food is a food which is made in few minutes. Street Food sold by a hawker, or vendor, in public places, like market or fair.  In fair, all the hawker and vendors put their stalls. All these street food are sold using portable food booth, food cart, or food truck. All these street food are easily or immediately consumed by people. In India, there is a variety of taste which is region specific. But the taste and recipes spread all over the world. Most of the street food is known by people as finger food and fast food, and people love that food and price is also cheap as compared to restaurants meal.

In the present scenario, people purchase street food due to n number of reasons like it is easily available, tasty and flavorful and most important rates are reasonable.  There are so many vendors who provide tasty food at a reasonable rate and serve best street food in Chandni chowk.

Street food varies from place to place and it creates difference due to taste and culture. For example people like Vada Pav of Mumbai and it is famous amongst people due to their taste and recipe. As people like chole kolache and chat in Delhi and many more. This street food provides a source of income to the people on daily basis.it provides livelihood to the people.

In India and all over the world people do business individually and in collaboration with their family members or friends and earn their livelihood. Street food having a different flavor, But people prepared by different kinds of method. All the street food is also known as fast food, which people can prepare by different recipes. As we all know vendors serve food easily but sometimes it is hygienic or sometimes it’s not. Street food is not full of nutritional value but as we all know life is too busy in the metro city so people will prefer to eat street food. Because it’s available easily. And few people enjoy eating street food every weekend.

Street food is easily available and serves in few minutes and also available at reasonable price, and having different options to eat.

In Delhi lots of options of street food with authentic taste and flavor. All these street vendors serve best street food in Delhi. They serve a different flavor of street food. In Delhi, People enjoy street food so much and there are so many places which are famous for street food like Chandni Chowk, paratha Wali Gali, Kamla Nagar and many more. People enjoy a different variety of Street food like Pani Puri, aloo tikki, lassi, sweets and many more.

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