Dubai Creek Harbour – The Heart Of Dubai

Dubai Creek Harbour is at the center of a bold new vision for Dubai. A fusion of originality and innovation that will describe the future of living and further enrich this wonderful city. With spectacular cultural offerings, shopping, world class residences, amenities, offices as well as more, Dubai Creek Harbour represents the next frontier in contemporary life, work as well as play.

Dubai Creek Harbour represents an exciting joint venture between Dubai Holding as well as Emaar Properties, capitalising on their core strengths to develop a monetarily viable and ecologically responsible community in which to live, work as well as play.  Emaar Beachfront is the select residential community within the new maritime epicentre of the UAE, Dubai Harbour.

An iconic and beautiful waterfront development situated on the banks of the historic Dubai Creek and only a 10-minute drive from downtown Dubai. Dubai Creek Harbour will be a initiate of integrated living, inspiring the world with the perfect combination of dynamic experiences, innovation as well as iconic design. The primary residential destination on the Dubai Creek development, will be Dubai Creek Residences, which will house over 4,000 residents by 2019. The result of meticulous planning by world class architects and landscape artists, the innovative development is a one-of-a-kid waterfront destination, which will overlook the historic Creek and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Designed by the world-renowned architect, the Dubai Creek Tower will be a sole timeless structure, where nature meets art, brought to life through unmatched technology as well as ambition.

Where Life, Nature and Luxury Meet

Live, work, play as well as thrive at Dubai Creek Harbour. Positioned at the mouth of Dubai Creek is Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary, which is among the few protected urban areas in the world and home to thousands of migrating birds. Residents as well as visitors may get pleasure from life in idyllic surroundings close to water and nature in truly remarkable surroundings.

This global city perfectly combines culture as well as nature, community & leisure , business commerce to offer everything you need conveniently on your doorstep. Discover the perfect mix of world-class homes, eclectic culture, extensive amenities as well as offices – entire connected by outstanding transport links.

Dubai Creek – The Origin of Dubai

Dubai Creek is the cornerstone of Dubai’s heritage. As a natural harbour, the Creek was historically a busy regional hub for trade, fishing as well as pearling – it was the original lifeline, where Dubai began its expansion into the city we know today. Preserving both the cultural as well as environmental aspects of the site is at the forefront of the Dubai Creek Harbour development – integrating a smart, green city, whilst building on enlightening heritage.

Exciting Urban Living

Find your perfect community in Dubai Creek Harbour’s quiet surroundings. Each of the nine districts offers a different lifestyle. So, whether you’re searching for a nurturing environment to raise children or want a vibrant imaginative scene as a single professional, you’ll search it here.

Cultural activities, state-of-the-art sports facilities as well as lush sprawling gardens are just some of the several ways to enjoy you at Dubai Creek Harbour.

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