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Science and technology through the internet have brought drastic transformation in our lives. Digitalization has brought every need and wants of humans into a single platform. People now sitting comfortably in their chairs can get easy access to whatever and whenever they want.

If we are to believe a report of International Telecommunication from the year 2015, 3.5 billion people have access to the internet and this number is growing rapidly year after year. 

Technology has made online shopping and transaction simple in order to get more users. Naturally more people are using the easy way of buying and selling products and services through the internet without stepping a single foot outside their houses.

As we have devoted most of our time to the gadgets like our smartphones, computers, laptops, tabs, etc. it has become important for companies and agencies to use the digital platform as their marketing base. 

Gaining more visibility: Digital marketing helps various small and medium businesses with little resources to reach targeted traffic through various social media handles. The digital marketing in Ludhiana provides a cost-effective marketing channel which actually delivers expected results. 

A place for creative minds: everything about digital marketing has to be very creative since the generation who uses the internet most is impatient. The employers have to be clever enough to come up with catchy and interesting taglines and captions which leave a mark on the back of the user’s mind. 

Generating better revenues: it’s a fact that the companies which use digital marketing have generated 2.8 times better growth. Also, higher conversion rates deliver profitable benefits in terms of better revenues.

Budding career options

Digital marketing has given birth to a string of new career options such as content strategist, virtual reality developer, SEO and SEM specialist, data analyst, and so on. But apart from all the desk job opportunities, there’s one career option that has grabbed many eye-balls and that is social media marketing.

Generally, influencers have a huge social media following and various brands collaborate with them in order to get the online traffic drawn to them. The brands pay a humongous sum to the influencers to increase their brand’s visibility online. 


The very backbone of digital marketing is the biggest setback as it’s completely web-based. Hence the digital market is losing out on a large audience who are deprived of the internet facility and vice-versa.

This field is ever-growing with each and every print media houses to magazines to news channels to brands have come up with their own digital versions. Hence the competition for visibility and to reach out to a larger audience is on extreme levels. 

Despite having quite a few limitations, it’s evident that digital marketing in Ludhiana has come a long way within a short span time and eventually it will take place of traditional marketing in the near future. It is inexpensive, accessible, come-at-able, portable, simply understandable and tangible nature will take this to a whole new height in the ensuing future. 

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