Choose the best credit cards in India

Choosing the best credit card in India may be a bit of a task there are multiple types of credit cards that are available. However, while you apply for a credit card there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. 

Your credit card bill provides you with two dates, that is the bill generation date and a grace period. You have a  total of 50 days (including your grace period and bill generation date) within which you are required to clear your bill. You can avoid paying interest rates on your purchases if you pay your bill within the grace period.

Credit card users can also enjoy reward points and welcome bonuses which they can redeem against their purchases. These reward points also reduce their credit card bill and help to decrease the burden on their pocket.

You can also improve your CIBIL score by utilizing 60% of your credit card limit. Several credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard enables you to avail emergency advances at 0% interest for up to 90 days. You also get to enjoy interest-free ATM withdrawal for up to 50 days. 

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These credit cards also provide you facilities like a balance transfer with which you can transfer your outstanding balance from one credit card to another credit card offering a lower interest rate. You can enjoy relaxed eligibility criteria, minimal documentation process, instant approval and other facilities. Besides, also look for the security facilities of your payment card to avoid cyber crimes and threats.

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