Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Bedroom

After a long hectic day as you come back to your sweet home, what do you want? Freshness, isn’t it? Pollutions around us have risen so destructively that keeping freshness is hard to get even in our bedroom. But, there is an easy solution to it. Take some indoor plants into your bedroom and see what magic it does! It will not only purify your air but also will increase the beauty of your bedroom to a new level. Indoor plants are easy to take care and helpful for a bedroom environment.

As people spend a large amount of their time in their bedroom, so air quality matters. In a cozy apartment, our bedroom might be full of formaldehyde, pollen, bacteria, and molds. Besides, poor ventilation hinders the entrance of fresh air. The only way to combat with all these is to have an indoor plant in the bedroom. Houseplants although small in size, takes carbon dioxide and other small particles in them and supplies us with fresh oxygen helping immensely to keep our bedroom fresh and healthy.

People might fear about planting indoor plants in the bedroom due to their lack of commitment. Many people think that it is hard to nourish indoor plants. I wonder how wrong you are! It is extremely easy to maintain indoor plants. You just need to follow the advice that comes with the tag of indoor plants. Most of them actually instruct you water the plant regularly and put fertilizer occasionally and once in a blue moon to take away the weed. That’s all, what you need to do.

Pretty easy, no! So, what you are waiting for? Let’s start planting indoor plants in your bedroom right now. Are you wondering about which plant you should choose? Here is a list for some of the most popular indoor plants that you might grow in your bedroom:

  • Jasmine & Lavender: These two exotic plants has a soothing effect on mind and body. The scent and beautiful flower of these plants give you no alternatives but to add them to your bedroom.
  • Snake Plant: It is easy to care for and highly recommended for improving air quality. It filters nasty toxic elements and gifts you a healthy environment.
  • Aloe Vera: NASA listed it in their list as one of the most efficient rooms air cleaning plant. It does not require much watering. So, it is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors.
  • Peace Lily: It works exactly like it is named. It brings peace in your bedroom through removing toxic elements such as formaldehyde and benzene. It requires little light but needs regular watering.
  • Dracaena: If you are a smoker, then you are going to love this plant. It sucks up small smoke particles that cause serious health concerns. Besides, it has been enlisted in NASA’s clean air study project.
  • Sansevieria: Although it is known as devil’s tongue, it is a blessing to keep in the bedroom. It does not only soak up polluted air but also its leaves could be used as a remedy for relieving pain and skin irritation.
  • Areca Palm & Lady Palm: Both of the palms are extremely effective to remove toxic particles from your bedroom. Both of them are easy to grow due to their tolerance level and add beauty to your indoor too.
  • Rubber Plant: Although growing up to 7 feet, it might not seem ideal for your bedroom. But it is like a tank bombing against air pollution. Besides, it is beautiful to look at and so there’s no harm keeping it in your indoor.
  • Boston Fern: According to a study by Dr. Wolverton it turned out that Boston Fern is the best indoor plant for soaking formaldehyde. So, it is worth adding it to your bedroom as a smart option.
  • Spider Plant: Along with Snake plant it is another champion in cleansing air around you. It is small in size but is amazing to look at.

Indoor plants in bedroom provide with us fresh air to breathe in. So, start planting them in your bedroom and don’t forget to thank me while you inhale the freshest air.

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