8 Ways You Can Incorporate the Use of Glass for an Elegant Home

Use of Glass For an Elegant Home

Do you get fascinated every time you pass by modern houses that use glass for construction? The use of glass has developed increasingly with expanded exposure to modern and contemporary home designs. Glass naturally has that beautiful light, luminous, and clean open spaces that truly gravitates the attention of many.

Home builders also love the idea of glass designs since it can be remarkably flexible, combining textures and color to produce expansive views or even conceal them, making this building material a contemporary owner’s dream. If you want to know how you can use glass in your homes, then we have highlighted below 8 unique uses of glass in your modern home.

Glass Furniture

Glass tables are already a cliché but do you normally see glass chairs in homes? You might even consider it as a chair for a guest that you don’t want to stay for too long! This type of chair might not be the ideal if you’re a looking for a comfortable place to sit but it is definitely eye-catching! You might consider it as more of a gorgeous display but glass chairs are usually made from thick, tempered glass, so don’t worry about it cracking underneath you.

Glass furniture tends to make a small space look larger. Although if they aren’t visual barriers, rooms and spaces feel more spacious. You can have mirrors in your space which will reflect light and space and the glass unveils and frees up space.

If you think you have little space, you can opt for glass to make your space appear bigger.

Glass Walls and Ceiling Combo

You can use glass for a more special purpose such as constructing an extension or a supplementary building for your home. You may consider glass walls and even a glass roof so you can have an incredible landscape and view at night too! For the interior, you can arrange a relaxed living space, perhaps a dining area too.

Glass Wall for the Shower

Your glass shower walls don’t really require for it to be transparent. If you want to pop some color, you can opt for an aqua glass wall that looks really relaxing and wonderful. The use of glass makes the best sense for smaller bathrooms. Instead of using shower curtains or even frosted glass, you can opt for clear glass shower doors. The transparency serves a purpose for your eyes to take in the whole space versus being congested by the visual barrier.

Glass Floors

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Want your home interior to have that wow factor? Aside from it’s capable of providing to see through to a lower level, it also includes water features, wine cellars, and collectible displays. You can go to extremes by using an obscure glass to elegantly move the light to the floor below– a central focus in a luxury home. Go for the tempered and laminated glass design for a sophisticated feature and a safe one as well.

Partitions Glass Walls

If you want your living room or dining area or any social spaces to remain divided but want to keep it connected, you can use glass walls to divide them. Not only will the entire area look more cohesive but it would even look more spacious.

Cast Glass Countertops

You can transform your kitchen to the next level by incorporating unique features of cast glass countertops. It can provide the ability to move natural lights, increase texture, and create a beautiful warm glow of illumination.

You can guarantee that you will receive a lot of compliment as your friends and relatives walk into your kitchen or bathroom and a have an incredible view of a glowing countertop. Aside from the fact that they are cool, they are made of custom textured glass and even easier to clean.

Glass Entry Doors

You can instantly impress your guests as soon as they enter your house by investing in decorative entry doors. For a dramatic style, you can combine different colors and textures in glass to create an architectural element to the front door which provides privacy and movement of light. You may also engrave the glass or include some decorative marbles inside a glazed unit for a unique look.

Glass Stair Treads

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Give a new look to your boring stairs using glass stair treads. This type of stair treads is usually used by owners of luxury loft apartments or in expansive estates. This is truly a work of art. If you feel that it’s too open and you have concerns of someone seeing up through the stairs, you can opt for acid etched frosted finish.

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