5 Most Elegant Decor Ideas for Kitchen in 2020

decor ideas for kitchen

Taking your kitchen décor to the next level can be versatile, attractive and efficient, with these elegant kitchen ideas. A few little adjustments in color or texture, can change everything. Let us show you how with this list of possibilities.

Your home kitchen is a haven and has a life all its own. Great smells, good conversation, and even some dietary experimentation, all happen in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking a family dinner, a holiday meal, or just trying your hand at your first souffle, the one constant is that it’s the one room that breeds contentedness. It is a place where peace and chaos blend in a symphony of deliciousness.

While recipe books and culinary tastes changes and updates over time, too often the kitchen’s aesthetic fails to follow the trend. The décor becomes stale and bland. Mundane curtains, antiquated appliances and even old cookware, can bring down the whole attitude of the haven. Giving it an elegant kitchen makeover, complete with the best tools to own, might just be what it needs to feel like a living part of the home again.

Elegant Kitchen Ideas

To add some pizzazz to your elegant kitchen, you only need to have an idea what to change. Maybe a paint to punch it up, or something for organizing spices. Maybe a splashboard, or entirely new countertops. Whatever your pleasure, we have some ideas to inspire you.

  1. Cabinetry:  New concepts in elegant kitchen cabinets are invented every day. The overall idea is the same, but new possibilities within the cabinetry field change. Types of wood, silent drawer guides with automatic closing mechanisms, and internal storage concepts, evolve with the whims of creative carpenters.

If you want to drop the money on a full kitchen overhaul, you can never go wrong with replacing your cabinets with oak. Beautiful, durable, and will last for decades, oak is definitely an elegant cabinet choice. If oak is too expensive, however, maple is a good, strong substitute, and can be stained to look like oak. Only you will know the difference.

  • Lighting:  Can lights already built into the ceiling are the go-to concept in most prefab kitchens, because they are high, out of the way, and the heat and oils in cooking won’t damage them. But they light the room in the same way they light every room.

To punch up your lighting system, hanging can lights, elegant hanging pendant lights, track lights or even island lights will give a concentrated glow in specific areas, bathing the rest of the room in shadow, which can add mystique.

  • Paint: Most are painted a unique color from the rest of the interior, which is designed to make it feel independent of the rest of the home. The problem is that the paint is often too close to the rest of the home’s paint job to give it a real vibrant transition.

Colors that stand out, or the addition of elegant backsplash, can punch it up with colors that will catch the eye and entrance the spirit. Dark colors like navy, maroon or hunter green, off set with stark whites, or rich spring tones paired together like yellow with baby blue. Even a black and white monochromatic concept will give perceptible vibrance to the room.

  • Appliances:  Fridge, stove, dishwasher. These three basic appliances are in almost every home. And these three appliances get the fewest updates, despite being the most used and most necessary parts of the kitchen, next to the food of course.

With the evolutions in elegant kitchen appliances, this is by far one of the easiest-to-manage update ideas. A convection oven and glass-top stove combination that uses electromagnetism to heat the cookware, a fridge with an intelligent design that lets you know when you’re running low on something, and a dishwasher that cleans dirty dishes better than you can do it by hand, add an elegant, functional upgrade. And they can be matched in color, for symmetry.

  • Flooring:  The one commonly neglected area is the floor. For the life of most kitchens, the floor is taken for granted and ignored. Spills, foot traffic, and even dropped, sharp items, damage the floor over time.

Replacing that old, tired linoleum with something more durable, more elegant, and maybe even more aesthetically pleasing, can give your floor the cause for greater respect. Teak wood flooring, ceramic tile, or even a laminate square overlay, will give your floor an attractive and functional new feel.

Conclusion:  Upgrades can give you a different perspective on the function of your cooking space. The improvements don’t have to be huge and earthshattering, though. They can be as simple as adding elegant kitchen curtains to the window over the sink or changing out the knobs and drawer pulls for something fancier. Whatever you do to give your’s a touch of class, do yourself a favor. Never settle. It’s a special place and should be treated as such. Did this article inspire you to make some kitchen renovations of your own?

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