4 Must-Know Off-Road Driving Basics

The temptation to drive on a muddy road and blowing dust all over can be overwhelming if yours is an adventurous soul. So why not, for once, do what you desire most but in a safe way.

Here’re a few basics to come prepared for off-road driving and splash dirt without hurting anyone; not even yourself.


Don’t get confused between momentum and acceleration. With off-road driving, momentum is build when you move or slide through mud and sand. It refers to the speed built up as your vehicle glides through the slippery dunes.

But acceleration is that which is used to build up all this speed. That said, don’t accelerate while driving through the mud, sand and likewise surface else your car tyres would only sink deeper into the soft surface. Harness momentum and move with its speed to cruise smoothly.


It’s obvious you couldn’t drive bearing the wrong set of wheels or perhaps highway tyres on a rough and rocky terrain. Be sure to mount the right ones for instance, Falken tyres in Lebanon for rough conditions and sandy surface. Whether you ride a bike or drive a car, changing your tyres per the season is necessary for safety and normal wear.


Much like the right use of acceleration and momentum, choose an appropriate gear that makes the engine work hard but proper, without excessive fuel consumption. For off-road, apply lower gear to get the wheels spinning as your tyres smoothly moves through all that sand and gravel.

Do remember to check if the vehicle is equipped with “diff lock” aka differential lock which ensures the two wheels mounted on the same axle rotate at the same speed. It increases the grip or traction of the tyres on a normal road but not the off-road due to difference in resistance for each tyre.

In case the diff lock is disabled or turned OFF, wheel with the lease resistance would rotate more than others hence greater the grip on rough and muddy surface. And if you do stuck trying this, don’t panic but try reversing slowly.

Even if that doesn’t work, stop and get someone to help you out. Brush away sand from around the wheels, place mats or branches right underneath for better grip. Try rocking the car from one side to another to get the sand out from the holes around the wheel and then fill them up slowly.

Cool Off a Bit

While driving on rough surface, you might feel resistance on steering but, don’t fight else your tyres would sink deeper in the sand, leaving you stuck. Accelerate, brake in a gentle manner or you might end up damaging the vehicle.

Lower the tyre pressure, cool your temper and harness momentum to move smoothly and make most of the engine speed. In case the surface is too rocky, don’t storm through roughly as it can damage the vehicle.Mount the best tyres in Lebanon, namely Falken to get you going farther, better and smoother.

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